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As a Christian Do You Have a Captive Mentality?

Is it possible that Christians could have a captive mentality? What is captive mentality? Captive mentality is developed when you live in captivity for so long you make a life for yourself in captivity. The nation of Israel was in captivity in Egypt for 400 years. They had built a life there. As unpleasant and as limited as that life may have been it was their life. Some were borne, lived their entire life, and died never leaving Egypt.

Have we built a life in captivity? As Christians was there a time when we had great hope and faith that God would do mighty things in our midst but over the years that hope began to fade and we settled for less? If we have that’s living in captivity. That’s what it’s like to have a belief defined by the limitations of our captivity. They say when someone goes to prison at first they hate the bars, then they get use to them, then they depend on them. That is being institutionalized. Their life is now built around their incarceration and they cannot imagine life on the outside.

I tend to think that we have lived so far beneath our privilege in Christ Jesus and we have gotten so used to it that we don’t think that there is anything beyond the level we are currently living. If I don’t believe that God speaks to people today than I am living beneath my privilege of getting hear His voice. If I don’t believe that God will heal people today then I will live beneath my privilege in receiving healing. If I don’t believe that God can use me in His kingdom then I will live beneath my privilege of being used. That is the mentality and a belief structure based on limitations, that it is what I would call “captive mentality”.

Now I said all of that to say this. Your circumstances do not define you, they do not explain you, and if you won’t let them they cannot control you. You are not your circumstances, you have circumstances but they’re not who you are. If we see ourselves as a slave will we not live as one? Your identity is established by God not circumstances. Your identity in God was made possible by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has been given to you to empower you to live beyond the limits of your circumstances. We are a supernatural people. Which means we are people who live over and above in quality and quantity anything that would limit us in the natural. It is time to act with outrageous belief again!

by Timothy O. Smith

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