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Funny Bible Verses

Funny Bible Verses A compilation of funny, disturbing, and ridiculous bible verses. Some of the stuff you can find in that book is hilarious Please like, comment, and subscribe Song: “Ha Ha You’re Dead” by …

Matthew 5:38 – Bible Verses #6 by Michael Mamas

Matthew 5:38 – Bible Verses #6 by Michael Mamas Michael Mamas discusses in this video the following Bible verse/Christian scripture: “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth …

Bible Verses for Comfort

Bible Verses for Comfort Top Bible Verses for Comfort bible verses Duration: 4:34 Views: 6802 Likes: 55

Bible Verses About PEACE

Bible Verses About PEACE BIBLE VERSES ABOUT PEACE: __ Music: ‘Peace’, guitar only * BIBLE VERSES ABOUT REVENGE: — Twitter: @1God_Jesus — Watch more: – Popular Christian Songs: – The Best Christian Movies: – Christian …

JOY – Meditation/Subliminal Bible Verses/Music

JOY – Meditation/Subliminal Bible Verses/Music A Meditation with music and subliminally read bible verses to help you find joy in your life. bible verses Duration: 30: Views: 38563 Likes: 258