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Women’s Ministry Ideas – What Is Most Effective

So, you are looking for women’s ministry ideas because you have a passion to reach women for Christ. You want to lovingly bring them in, guide, and encourage them and live life together. It is time to find some ideas to put that passion into action.

There are three steps to follow. First, gather a team. Find one or two other like-minded women to get together with. Then, develop a plan with your women’s ministry ideas. Finally, watch God work through you, an imperfect, but willing vessel.

You want to create and manage an exciting, outwardly focused program that blends discipleship, missions, fellowship and special events. Women’s ministry ideas that work will include those four aspects.

Discipleship is what sets the program apart from what the world offers because it creates growth through Jesus Christ.

Missions are for serving others, which gives the group a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Fellowship is critical to the program’s survival, as we have the need to be known and loved.

Special events are designed more as outreach so that you can bring more women in who need you and your group.

God has called the older women to teach the younger women. This happens in women’s ministries. He has told us that true and undefiled religion is to care for widows and orphans. God may bring widows and orphans to your group. Be sure your women’s ministry ideas include flexibility for caring for them. God promises to put the lonely in families and a women’s ministry group is the perfect ‘family’ for many lonely women. Have your heart open and be prepared to be a family to them.

Women’s ministry ideas for your group should include topics that are relevant to the group. All ideas will not work for all groups. Here are a few topics worth learning about together. This is part of discipleship as you can see what God says about these as well.

– Housekeeping hints. The perfect tool for this is

– Marriage and parenting workshops.

– Exercise and health.

Here are a few events that can enhance fellowship, and be an outreach tool.

– Spa day, including foot soaks, facials, and mini manicures. Have everybody bring slippers, towel, facecloth and a basin large enough for their feet. Use extremely hypoallergenic products for this so you do not eliminate those who have sensitive skin.

– Do a creative day. Have everyone bring a ‘project’ that they are working on. This can be anything from scrapbooking, sewing, sorting a file box, crocheting, cross stitching, making lists, to journalling, Everyone can bring something to share to eat. Spread out on tables. Play inspiring music and let the socializing begin.

– One of the most memorable women’s ministry ideas is to plan a nature day. Could be a walk in the fall to see beautiful leaves, a horse drawn sleigh ride through a winter wonderland, a tour through some beautiful gardens and flowers beds.

Here are a few missions ideas to give your group the bonding that comes from reaching out together.

– Feed a meal at a shelter

– Collect and deliver supplies needed to a pregnancy crisis center.

– Ask at the local family resource center what type of services would be most valuable.

When planning your women’s ministry ideas, ensure that they are affordable. If it becomes another expense for families, it will not be well attended. Creativity is in order to find activities and supplies that have a minimal cost.

Keep in mind that at anytime, there does not have to be a formal women’s ministry happening to change lives. Every time you reach out to another woman, it is a ministry and you are showing her Christ.

May God bless you as your women’s group begins to change lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

by Kim Webster

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